Trek For Kids
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GSK and Save the Children have an innovative partnership that is combining the two organisations’ global expertise, skills and energy to tackle the ambitious goal of helping to save one million children’s lives.

The partnership is starting to deliver measurable results. By December 2016 the global partnership had directly reached over 2.6 million children through a number of interventions such as: widening vaccination coverage in the hardest-to-reach areas; increasing investment in the training, reach and scope of health workers; and helping children affected by disasters or humanitarian crisis.

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Baby Mckline’s Story

Meet Baby Mckline, the first baby born at a healthcare facility in Bungoma County, Kenya, supported through our partnership with Save the Children to help save one million children’s lives. His mother, Catherine, attended a clinic several times at the healthcare facility before he was born and had a successful delivery there too. Afterwards, baby Mckline was vaccinated free of charge and Catherine was taught how to feed him. He’s now 20 months old and very active!

Godwin’s Story

Godwin is a trained rider of a boda boda motorcycle ambulance. He travels around the county ensuring expectant mothers are able to access health facilities, as most women in the district were found to be giving birth at home because of the lack of transport. Godwin is proud of the fact that he has helped to greatly reduce the number of babies delivered at home, as well as ensure that mothers and children have access to quality health care services. The project was established in May 2015 under the GSK-funded health signature programme in Bungoma